Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Nose to Meet you


I get most of my information through my nose. And you smell divine. Like a good person. Not like someone who might hit for no reason and I've smelled my fair share of those.

When I did my time at the city shelter in Boston with all the pitbulls and roitweillers I thought I'd never get the chance to blog and what da ya know - here I am. Man, life can be good. Even after we lost the house with the yard, me and M'Lady found another lovely place. I love the three flights of stairs and the huge green spaces and the river nearby. I love that she's home most of the time but she seems a little tense about it. I also love the modeling. I've always admired my reflection. I spend hours lying on the floor gazing into the mirror appreciating my magnificent wonderousness. This morning was another After Bath Robe photo shoot. I got my "fierce" on like Tyra says to but we had trouble with the lighting.

Now I'm off to the vet where I'll be charming and compliant. If I'm lucky it will rain on our walk tonight. I'll have a "rain bath" and get to lounge around in my After Bath Robe after dinner.
HEY!, If you want an After Bath Robe or just want to see me at work check out
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  1. Hey Mr. B -
    It's me Rocky who lives down the street!
    Wait until those snooty terriers who live by the stadium see this! Yowl it out.

  2. Mr. B:

    You look so good in those after bath robes!
    I can't wait to see more posts!

  3. Oh MiLaaaaady,
    It has come to my attention that someone in this household, also furry, has a blog site. I would also like to air my opinions and comments on today's world-who's got that much time?? Just a thought mayhaps. My lady will be in touch with your lady...
    Hey Lady!!!
    Pistachio, the Rabbit