Monday, June 29, 2009

History of KaChewKee Wrappers, Part I

You may know what it is like to feel "wildly" and uncertain. Thrashing about, flailing and failing away, in a cold world moving much too fast. I certainly do. I know the deep gnawing need for self confidence and security; reliable rules and well known boundaries, actual opportunities, exciting, not frightening, challenges along side support and positive reinforcement. Before I experienced any of those things and the time, relationship, consistency and connections those things require; I was a terror. To myself and everyone else.

I chewed EVERYTHING. Pillows and handmade quilts were my favorites.
I devoured corners of any kind and became an expert on making circles.
Fabric is my favorite medium.
Even when I chewed my quietest she somehow sensed it
and would catch me at my evil handiwork.
She insisted I contribute and not destroy.

I whined constantly. I can make the most pathetic noises that express far more than words ever can or do. But who can't? Anyway. I did so incessantly and I pulled on my lead relentlessly. I'd eat a 12 inch bully stick a day just to work off my anxiety. I worried constantly about my head top and hitting, sudden movements, something bad in the kitchen. I enticed and then skittered and growled. I wanted to be close but I didn't know how. If you looked in my eyes too long I'd go berserk and ricochet off the walls and furniture. Literally.

Eventually it got to the point where she said, "That's how little dogs wind up back at the pound my friend." It wasn't a threat. She was highlighting a fact. Because indeed that is how I wound up at the pound the first time! I drove her to her wits end and then I tried to push her a little further. But she didn't give up. She called the Zen Dog Doctor. The nicest man came over and spent time with us.

He changed my attitude, her approach and our occupations.
Who knew a toy could change your whole life?
Stay Tuned
more History of KaChewKee Wrappers to come

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Delicious Anticipation

The party plate is prepared.

Visual instructions are displayed.

I am full of restraint and good manners.

When will the KaChewKee Wrappers be served?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rosie & Pistachio

Before my friend Rosie retired from racing she thought that
cute little stuffed rabbits were something to chase around the track.
She knows different now!
Pistachio never runs. If fact he's rather bossy.

Say What?
OH! Yeah. Right. CHEEESE

Rosie used to think that coats were just something for betting numbers
to be placed on. Then she discovered the comfort of a
custom made coat
in black and white nubby wool tweed.

After a warm and stylish walk

it is time to explore the deep relaxation of the couch

with your head propped perfectly
on your very own pillow.
Life is Good.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

KaChewKee Wrappers Reviewed

our KaChewKee Wrappers were reviewed

Maizey's amazing KW adventure

KaChewKee, KaChewKee,

Please give me that KaChewkee!!

I love you. Oh Thank you. Look at my tail blur of joy.
You are my world. I read your eyes and follow your wishes.

This is the special spot where I will enjoy it.
OH Thank YOU!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Release the Hounds

For weeks now we have been scouting potential photo shoot locations. The best so far is a home on Blackstone Boulevard. The third floor bathroom was not only large, it had large windows as well, a claw foot tub and best of all "Hunt Scene" wallpaper with horses and leaping beagles.

That's a lot of beagles who are going to need baths
or at the very least a good hose down.

Who among them wouldn't delight in the cozy comfort of an
after bathrobe?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Design Evolution

You might be wondering how a dog becomes a designer.
Let me tell you it doesn't happen overnight.
You have to practice your craft but just that is not enough.
You need to find times when your talents meet opportunity.
This is my progression

Step One: delicately remove all corners.
Let no pillow be spared!

Step Two: explore density, warp and woof on handmade quilts and tapestry.
Step Three: develop a perfect circle making technique.

Step Four: Make perfect circles through multiple layers.
Experience feathers and time in the crate to contemplate.

Channel interest and energy into production rather than destruction.

This mod "La Dee Dots" print will be just wide enough
for that Great Dane in Chicago.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Modeling is like Boxing

I've decided to try and make my peace with the dogequinns because in the end I always get their KaChewKee Wrappers once the photo shoot wraps. Mostly they are in the way or they hang around by the bookcase. Although the littler one, the whippet, that one somehow manages to muscle in on all my moves. Look at it practicing!

She thinks she's so special because she is the perfect height and proportion for her breed.

Well I am TOO!
And that unfortunately means I can't fit into everything.
And if you haven't noticed obesity isn't just a problem for people...

This darling "Lavender Twilight" robe is clearly not my size.

Where we'll find chihuahuas, toys, minis, terriers, pugs, westies , dachsunds, hounds, poodles, pekinese and all the rest - high fur and hairless - to be models
only god knows but when we do those lucky dogs will be
"Splish Splash"

"La Dee Dots"

When they show up I'll show them the ropes on how to be a good sport who is fierce for the camera.
I've discovered being a model is kinda like being a boxer.
Weight and size have limits.
My great Uncle Johnny was a Golden Gloves Champ.

one. two. out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dog mannequins at it again!

Sure they can "model"
if you want to call it that

but what good are they in action shots?

Go see a professional in action

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

KaChewKees Across the Nation!

In New Hampshire Dudley anticipates the fun ahead.

In Virginia Tofu enjoys them all kinds of ways!

In San Francisco Rex gets down to business!

Hey! What's with the cardboard greyhound and whippet? Those gosh darn 'doggequins' are horning in on my turf. I'm the model here. I know I can't fit into all the garments but I sure can do ALL the KaChewKee modeling. I'm checking my contract on this.