Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wall of Toys

There are so many choices at
it is nearly impossible to choose which toy would be best.
Maybe you don't have to choose?  Maybe you could have them all!
No that would be greedy.  I'm not greedy.  I'm practical.
And I don't think they ALL would fit in this nifty toy box.
Certain specially selected ones.  Those would all fit.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dog Psalm #11

Dear Creator,
I send to you and to all who might hear and heed
Jane Goodall's words,
"If only we can over come cruelty, to human and animal,
with love and compassion we shall stand at the threshold
of a new era in human moral and spiritual evolution -
and realize, at last, our most unique quality: humanity"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Training People

It takes work. Patience. Diligence.
Every good dog knows how very much it is worth the effort.
 This book was a romping, fun read.

Since I'm in training to become a Reading Buddy I've been doing a lot of reading. I wanted to read aloud, but my tongue is too long and thin for words. So, my work as a Reading Buddy is to listen and be me; bringing calm and interest, being receptive and attentive. There's a lot of tension and suffering around learning to read for kids and adults. Just by being there I make it fun, less daunting and more possible. I bring the magic of learning - curiosity, investigation, practice, joy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Being A Greeter

At Plaid Stripe, a delightful store in Wayland Square for dogs and people, I sometimes am lucky enough to work as the store "greeter".  I'm born to the greeting profession. The task of greeting humans and dogs while tiring is endlessly rewarding and valuable beyond monetary compensation.
I'm inspired in my part time role of GREETER by
Eliar Larsen the Laguna Greeter.
The Laguna Greeter stood on California's Pacific Coast Highway for decades and welcomed and waved to people converging at the canyon, the interstate and sea. Mr. Larsen was a large man, who had a long gray beard, longer limbs and huge - nearly always in action -  waving, welcoming hands.  Weather never deterred him. He was a touch stone and apparition of sorts. A miracle of a man. 
I try and emulate the Greeter in my work and life.
Like him, I try and bolster humanity by being consistent:
never aggressive, always inquisitive; bestowing  Hellos.
Even without hands I can demonstrate
happy meetings, heartfelt greetings.
So many of the big lessons in life are mostly little...
Be on the look out.  Opportunities abound to
share your happy self.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dog Psalm #10

Creator and Ruler of mankind,
we pray
for our humanity
that a new life
may be established
in the way of Good.
That all hatred and malice,
all indifference to the suffering of others,
all narrow exclusiveness and selfish greed
may be swept away
by a breath of Spirit,
and that
Public Spirit,
honor and justice,
cooperation in service,
and self sacrifice
for the good
of the whole people
may flourish
For this we pray.
Towards this we work.
Dean A.G.H. Bode is the inspiration & source of this Psalm

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Turning Pages

Is that a dog in a bubble bath being served a martini?
'HOMOSEXUALITY IN NATURE' is the headline.
Well, I'd better get in there and turn some pages, 
read what it's all about.
Let me break it down and bark it out for you.  
You humans make the world unnecessarily complex.
Love is love. Just live it.
1500 SPECIES of animals exhibit homosexual behavior.
They all get along just fine.  While humans struggle. Go figure.
There was some good stuff inside GET-RI.Com
But the cover photo concerned me. Please remember I'm not your prop, I'm your teacher. Don't I take you out for a walks, and demand indoor ball games when you desperately need them?  Don't I comfort and care? Show you social grace, the ease and grease?  Remind you to revel and relax moment by moment?
I do.  You so know I do.
Don't abuse my amiable nature.
I don't want bubble baths. I do want rain baths.
I don't want martini's. I do want fresh water EVERY day.
(Although I do enjoy coffee so please leave your coffee cup unattended.)
I'd rather play than eat.  Don't cheat me with treats.
I don't want cucumber eye packs. I do want pack walks.
(If your on your cell phone your not really with me.  Kids know this too.)
So dear humans, don't let labels or roles
consume your thoughts, time or hold you back.
Just share your love.
Be real.
That's how we dogs do it, merry and undaunted.
It brings happiness and peace.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bark Out to Beyonce and Taylor!

you are inspirations.
Thank you for leading us in the right direction while
not letting intimidation, terror or ugliness rule.
thank you

Hitching Post

I've yet to see a horse on the Eastside, but every now and again we come across a hitching post in front of an actual or the former location of a historic house. How useless it must feel!  Unless they tie their Jaguar or BMW to it. I always feel compelled to help, provide some purpose however small.  So I got myself hitched.
 It rather reminds me of the Barber Tree
with the lopped off top and winding follage.

I think I hear horses...
Nope. Just a galloping landscaping truck.  

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dog Psalm #9

Great Spirit,
I saw you on Sunday Mountain.
You bathed me in rain.
You warmed me with the sun.
You watched over me as I slept in the bossom of my family.
Thank you for wonderful, rejuvenating days.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Magic Happens

The day before Hurricane Bill passed through town we went for an extra long walk.  Once things get torrential I can go days without going outside.  But I love a good pre-storm build up, and want to be out in it. I feel the momentum gathering inside me.  We left a note for who ever made the lovely Tabor Tree garden.  We left it in a zip lock bag, thumb (she did that part) tacked to the stump. 
So it wouldn't be blown or washed away. 
On Sunday, safe inside another bag we found   
How wonderous and wonderful!
How many others recognize?  
How could they not?
The flowers and the vases are changed often.  
It is such a dear and well tended place.  
This white vase is a mug that lost its handle 
and found a new and bigger purpose.
Gladys Potter and her parents are surely marveling at it.
We are.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gladys' Garden

  The Barber Tree by Gladys' Garden did not get her wish.
They took all of her away.
All that remains is her absence.
It looks like the plastic toys all came to say goodbye.
The baby doll carriage, the basketball hoop and 
the table leg who still reaches out for her all continue to witness her.
Little people knew and miss her.
My eyes burn when I look at this touching tribute.
On either side of the ten foot high iron gates to the garden 
are two plaques.
Gladys was eight years old 118 years ago.
Did she know the Barber Tree?
 Time wears us away.
The chiseled story was hard to make out.
She used fingers to transcribed it.
This garden
was given by a
Mother in loving
memory of her
little girl who
loved this spot
and who used to
walk here with
her father when
it was a part of
an attractive 

In 2009 this spot is still loved.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Dog Psalm #8

Great Spirit:
It is believed, and not just by me, that
my dew claw is a thumb waiting to happen.
I understand I must accomplish my dog life before I return with thumbs.
I must watch and learn.
Love and communicate without speech.
In my next incarnation when I will be a human
please guide me Great Spirit
in transferring my canine-ly, devine
understanding of humanity.
Don't let my thumbs undo me.