Monday, May 4, 2009

No Buff Poochow! NO BUFF!!

That's what Poochow's people used to say to her when she got going on barking. No Buff Poochow! NO BUFF. She was a standard poodle. They were right to do it.

I wish people did it to each other. Said, NO BUFF and meant it. I see it all the time, someone raging against someone else and both of them knowing the 'target' can't do anything about what their problem is. There's always lots of nice people around but nobody steps in and says, NO BUFF and means it. These kinds of scenes always make me lie down and chew a nail. It happens most often in lines. "Maybe if they see how tense I am they will let up?" Usually not. I do try and give 'sweetie eyes' and encouragement to the target. I can be a pretty good diffuser. Maybe it's partly my curly hair. And it is hair so I don't shed. I mat.

I hear a lot of buff on TV. That thing sure has a demanding tone and pace of constantly winding up the impending, inevitable catastrophe. It's hard to listen to. It's like listening to the unstable dog pack downstairs kill a dish rag or argue over top dog position at dinnertime. If you listen too much you start to be that way and you don't even know it. Slowly, it seems normal. I think they call that "boiled frog".

Recently we've started watching the news just three times a week. M'lady doesn't see any need in hearing every horror story. And news is such a lose term. What seems to be happening is the brightest minds didn't think a fighter jet following a commercial airliner over Manhattan would frighten citizens. The CraigsList Killer is local and national news. Everyone loves Michelle's slender arms. Everything is on the verge of collapse. Animals are name-blamed for disease.

I'm holding good thoughts for my slandered porcine friends and keeping an eye to the sky.

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That's me on "BUFF Patrol". I oversee a whole intersection and I feel an imperative to "bark out to all my pups" and be protective, aggressive and antagonistic towards interlopers and passersby. It's my prerogative and I take until she says, "NO BUFF!"

Yeah, I'm fully shaved down. This is from last summer.
The less fur I have the more I need to scream everything out.
My "wildly eyes" are for you!

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