Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where I've Been

The first stop was Italy.
I thought I should really expand my culinary horizons.
There might be more to life than kibble at every meal.
But even if its kibble I eat with gusto.
You can't see the kibble (if you did you might want me to share)
but you can see from the blur of my fur my passionate appetite.
I thought - things would be even tastier in Italy.
Who cares if I had to buy bigger jeans. I don't even wear jeans.

Then off to India. Land of a million faces. 
A place with dedicated spaces where you are supposed to
be quiet and think your thoughts. Investigate the emptiness of your mind.
That is something I could do. I practice that practice at home.
Except when I have an itch I scratch it.
And if I see a fly I hunt it down and kill it.
I've got a ways to go with 'loving kindess' towards all beings.
So some time in India seemed like a good thing.

What does one want
in the after glow of meditation and enlightenment? 
A romping good time in Bali.
Why not indulge the lure of sand and surf? Money is no object.
Sand feels so good beneath my paws. 
A randy good time with new people is immensely appealing.
I won't have to sneak in a hump or two. I'll love with abandon when and where I feel like it
with people I may meet once or just a few times. 
All is good. Everything is transitory. I don't cling. I just enjoy.

All I can tell you is that's how 2010 played itself out for me.


  1. Hi there,

    I'm trying to contact you to give your blog an award but your etsy shop says it's on vacation and the little email thingy here isn't working. So, I hope you see this comment (it is not spam) and here is the link about the award: http://newendstudio.blogspot.com/2011/01/passing-torch.html

    Enjoyed reading your posts and the photos are sweet.

  2. Just found your blog for the first time - an inspiration for all of us canine bloggers! My humans just had my doggie passport sorted and I've started dreaming about holidays too! :o)