Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Simple Pleasures

On this rainy Spring day
  it is still cool enough to enjoy
the flannel sheets and comforter.
So I indulge in a lounging that will last the whole day -
listening to the music of the rain drops and wind
and rising only for snacks.


  1. Well, you certainly look comfortable! I wish I had a bed as plush as that :) Hope your day is very relaxing!

  2. SNACKS! ;)

    Enjoy your lovely, relaxing rainy day! I wish it would rain here... it's just cloudy and dull. It'd be better if it either got sunny or rained. :)

  3. We're having a bit of rain here too, maybe I should have stayed snuggled up in bed all day... ;)

  4. That looks so comfy and cosy! We have sunshine and my black coat is heating up quickly like you wouldn't believe -I'm longing for a bit of rain and mud! By the way, don't miss my new photo challenge this Friday - you always have such lovely photos it would be great if you'd join:-)

  5. Ah, the simple pleasures of a lazy day. Love it.