Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilting Bee

I like to help by being the center of attention.
I'm enjoying this Gees Bend style quilt.
When their not looking I'll nibble off a corner.
I love quilts, they are so tasty!


  1. Haha, my old dog Gertie used to love the taste of quilts, too! ;D Unfortunately, that ended with her not being allowed to sleep on my bed anymore... :/

  2. As a part time quilter (log cabin and English style)may I enquire what a Gees Bend quilt is and how it is undertaken? Not that I'm into quilting at the moment - toy-making and rejuvenating old stuffed animals (so far mainly Bears) is the current occupation - I write about them at www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot (if you're interested and have the time). All comments are welcome

  3. What a lovely picture. Center of attention, for sure.