Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dog Psalm 16: Three Wise Women

A great wind began to blow and howl.
The night was ink black with one piercing star lighting the way.
The three wise women knew it was time to begin a long journey 
 towards a great unknown. They ventured forth on faith.

They knew they had arrived at their destination when they discovered
the seed babe resting on a birch bark blanket.
Behold. The savior has arrived.
He reaches out for us to tell us
he needs us and to remind us we need him.

I thought he arrived in December.  But it seems he can arrive at anytime.


  1. I'm stopping by every morning for my daily intake into a wrily humorous universe.

  2. Angus you shaggy cutie pie! Welcome OH welcome to our "wrily humorous universe"!