Friday, November 6, 2009

Watchful Frogs

Inside the wrought iron gates of Gladys' Garden -
where dogs are not allowed
resides the watchful frog.

This place no longer is the wild and wondrous raven
Glady's Mom wrote about but it remains a paradise for all those
"working it out" on the East Side in Providence -
The mighty frog is as big as a tricycle
and as wise as a stately centurion elm.
The watchful frog oversees the swings and slide;
reminiscing with the remaining trees about the Barber Tree
and other dear friends gone, the many paths of life and
how they are paved with tiny moments strung together
on the fragile string of memory.

Be watchful.
Wise, if silent, teachers are everywhere.
Trees and statues are just two kinds.
They all want to share with you.

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  1. Very beautiful post. Just makes me feel peaceful reading it.