Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dog Psalm #31

The first day of Spring is one thing.
And the first Spring day is another.
The difference between them can be as great as a month. 
In these days of longer light
bask in the sun when it can be found.
Watch for the bud and the sprouting seed
and despite any snow or mischievous sleet


  1. It can be a big distance, unfortunately... I wish the first day of spring was the first spring day, LOL! I'd love some spring weather!

  2. The difference is a month here!
    I cannot see any budding sprouts yet. We have had rain, I think everyday for the past week. My husband just said rain for today, AND 70's to the 80"s soon to come. The weather is so odd this year.
    Have a fun fetching day, my friend :)

  3. It's coming, all that warm weather... I can feel it! :)