Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good Listener

 I always want to hear your whole story, all the ins and outs of it 
and the meanings in your words and silences.
Is there anything else you'd like to share? 
I'll keep it in the strictest of confidence.


  1. As usual, a truly gorgeous photo of a truly sweet canine friend! He's just so cuddly - but I bet he's a handful sometimes!

    Have just read the item about the Military Working Dogs. Interested you have them available to adopt when their careers are at an end. We gave one to the UK military when we could not cope with our yellow lab in 1971. He became the first yellow lab sniffer dog (they'd all been black ones before - for fear of them becoming IRA targets if they were light coloured chaps). As far as I know the UK military working dogs spend their lives with their allocated handlers until they die naturally, or are put to sleep if they show signs of ailing. They always remain in the care of the military vets, even when living with their handlers. They do a wonderful job. Ours also get medals. Do yours?

  2. This cuteness looks like my baby cockapoo. TOO CUTE!