Thursday, June 4, 2009

Modeling is like Boxing

I've decided to try and make my peace with the dogequinns because in the end I always get their KaChewKee Wrappers once the photo shoot wraps. Mostly they are in the way or they hang around by the bookcase. Although the littler one, the whippet, that one somehow manages to muscle in on all my moves. Look at it practicing!

She thinks she's so special because she is the perfect height and proportion for her breed.

Well I am TOO!
And that unfortunately means I can't fit into everything.
And if you haven't noticed obesity isn't just a problem for people...

This darling "Lavender Twilight" robe is clearly not my size.

Where we'll find chihuahuas, toys, minis, terriers, pugs, westies , dachsunds, hounds, poodles, pekinese and all the rest - high fur and hairless - to be models
only god knows but when we do those lucky dogs will be
"Splish Splash"

"La Dee Dots"

When they show up I'll show them the ropes on how to be a good sport who is fierce for the camera.
I've discovered being a model is kinda like being a boxer.
Weight and size have limits.
My great Uncle Johnny was a Golden Gloves Champ.

one. two. out.


  1. Hey Mr. B, I just love the Splish Splash robe!! <3 Miss Kodee

  2. Oh my goodness, I love those vests! When my Chi comes home soon, I think I'll have to keep your shop in mind!