Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maizey's amazing KW adventure

KaChewKee, KaChewKee,

Please give me that KaChewkee!!

I love you. Oh Thank you. Look at my tail blur of joy.
You are my world. I read your eyes and follow your wishes.

This is the special spot where I will enjoy it.
OH Thank YOU!


  1. What a cute dog! The dog we have now doesn't play with toys. She'd rather chase the rabbits, squirrels, occasional bird and bother the local beavers.

  2. Yay!! As Maizey's mommy I am truly proud of my pup for her fabulous blog debut! I will show her tonight and she really does love her kaChewkee!!

  3. Ha ha, looks like she enjoyed her snack!

  4. OH ladies,
    Please chime in again!
    I wanna be friends it's hard to know HOW!

  5. Oh Maizey is such a cute fur baby! She looks fabulous!

    Nose kisses and tail wags to the lovely Maizey from my three pooches!