Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rosie & Pistachio

Before my friend Rosie retired from racing she thought that
cute little stuffed rabbits were something to chase around the track.
She knows different now!
Pistachio never runs. If fact he's rather bossy.

Say What?
OH! Yeah. Right. CHEEESE

Rosie used to think that coats were just something for betting numbers
to be placed on. Then she discovered the comfort of a
custom made coat
in black and white nubby wool tweed.

After a warm and stylish walk

it is time to explore the deep relaxation of the couch

with your head propped perfectly
on your very own pillow.
Life is Good.


  1. AH! Isn't that sweet.!! Beautiful dog!

  2. ADC,
    Oh. Thanks, yes, Miss R. was a beautiful soul. I thnk I know you from etsy v-labs. Technology creates so many wonderful opportunities but it doesn't really make communication easier. MOre complicated really. But hey I'm just a dog; a 21st century dog.
    Wags to ya Audrey.