Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday Dog Psalm

Today I found a tiny, lovely, baby bird.
I rolled on it to honor it.
I am not frightened by death. I am curious.
I do not look away, dismiss, or avert my sensibilities. I hone in.
I investigate
gutters, leaves,
the under carriage of shrubs, grubs,
garbage and trash
to find the source of the scent.
The scent that informs me of life - its tenacity and fragility.
Whoever or whatever you were, I want to know your "ness".
Do not fear. Death is but one more leg of the journey of existence.

Your destiny is the beauty of the universe.


  1. Beautiful words from a really smart pup!

  2. Lady!
    Thanks. I've got lots more words and my topics are getting broader. Yowl it out on the shoutbox to the left!

  3. LOVE that photo, thanks for posting it.