Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Dog Pslam #2

Dear Heavenly One,
Thank you for nature and walks and the time to commune
with my person and our surroundings.
Thank you for my ability to take scent pictures
and my knowledge of the language of trees.

People use cameras to capture and see, recall, envision.
I use my nose.
My nose is like a highly sophisticated camera.
Humans can not even begin to fathom my
shutter speed or white balance mechanism
it is so finely, cosmically tuned.

I have an internal instrument that allows me to connect and create.
And I thank the Great Being for this wonderous gift.

I can convert my scent pictures into 3-d movie dreams
that enable me to live the story.
My paws run, I snort, bark, twitch.
I am fully engaged with what I have encountered.
I reconstitute and recreate.
I can return to each story again and again
in search of meaning, knowledge, connection.

This tree tells me
the story of a man who sought freedom 200 years ago,
he was running from persecution.
He rested often beneath this tree
and the time, shade and roots taught him
how to stop running,
and stand for Freedom.

This tree tells me
of the wealthy but neglected child
who stabbed at this tree
trying to find his own true heart
as he waited for the school bus
angry, lonely and afraid.

This tree tells me
of the birds and squirrels who used this tree as safe harbor
from weather, predators and famine.
The hardships of being other, lame or weak.
The demands of being forthright, resilient, strong.

This tree tells me
of the circle and cycle of life.
It is home to the vibrant red cardinal
who is the reincarnation of Rosie the greyhound.
Recognizing her reassures, encourages, teaches us.

This tree tells me
what is
and if
I am home.

Like so many others,
I leave my stories here
with this great tree
the glorious Wayland Tree
I leave them to honor and cherish
the world and myself

This tree tells me I am a part of the story of
struggle and transcendence.
This tree tells me how to recognize peace
and piece together the elements of eternity.


  1. Beautiful post - Thanks so much for sharing it! Tonights walk with Chauncey (my brazen golden retriever) will have a different meaning for me:)