Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Worries

People are always worrying about what will happen next. We dogs know that this is futile which is why we are keenly focused on what is happening now. Even if that now appears to be "nothing" or nothing special. But all of that "nothing" is actually extraordinarily special. All those hours I spend sprawled in extreme comfort behind my closed eye lids I am seeing deep into the now of this moment and this great meditation allows me to see into the goodness of the future and all its potential glory.  When I dream deeply and you can see my paws run across air I am traveling to the farthest reaches of time and harmony. Even if I had words to use they would not be sufficient to tell you what I know.  All I can do to communicate this knowledge is to show you by delighting in the ordinary, demonstrating joy, love and acceptance, sniffing out happiness in the mundane. I am trying to teach you not to worry. Just be here now. Say, "I am alive. I am wonderful. I am. I am."  This thought is my constant companion and guide. With it worry finds no home in me.  And without worry there is no room for dread and so there is all the time and space necessary for grace and peaceful living.


  1. This is so true. I just wrote a very similar article in my blog. Dogs and children are wise this way - they don't worry and they find joy in little things. We should let them teach us.
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  2. I am in Warwick btw - maybe I'll run into the CANINE COMMENTATOR someday!