Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pretty is as Pretty does

Usually when I go out I go "ah-natural" because
I have such a glorious coat in such a dreamy color.
But some days I struggle to get out of bed and need a boost.
Those are the days my Mikimoto Pearls give me confidence.
Things have meaning.
Pearls symbolize purity and spiritual transformation.
They remind me to be honest, pure, wise and
to walk with the utmost dignity.

Not to mention they highlight the white blaze on my chest
in a most fabulous way!
 Should I wear them with the knee high stiletto boots?
Naw, it will take 2 pairs and by the end of the day
my paws will hurt.


  1. So demure! I agree about the stiletto boots, they's be to skanky with the pearls,

  2. Running is stilettos would be almost impossible, but the pearls are a nice touch.

    Piper, Carrleigh and Java

    PS - running in stilettos gives us flashbacks to Rocky Horror Picture Show!