Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Squirrel Invasion

     I always yowl at the squirrels when they taunt me on the fire escape. I hate them and not just because they have thumbs. Over the past few days those dirty rascals found a way into the attic and wall space and tormented us from every angle.  From the sounds of it at first they were busy on renovations to make their winter home cozy.  Then they became frantic when they discovered their entrance had been closed off by a helpful maintenance man. There was thrashing and bashing and skittering; bumping and thumping; chewing, chomping and clawing. For God's sake stay off the electrical wires! Your soul will go straight to heaven. But the smell of your death will be with us for months.
     There are a lot of rules for getting rid of squirrels for people. Rules that seem silly to dogs. Hunt them down and drive them out! That was my strategy. Luckily I was not alone. My excessive sharp barking, pawing and whining I finally drove them down to the second floor where Harley and her people live and she employed my tactic. Eventually Harley went down to the basement with her people and the landlord to do a "squirrel check". Earlier in the day a tenant had been accosted by a squirrel while doing laundry. The people looked and looked but couldn't find the perpetrator. But Harley had sniffed the crafty culprit out.  She signaled the people by standing near and whining at the trash can.  They eventually got a clue and came over.  As they peered in - out popped a squirrel who then ran out the open window as the people screamed and Harley wagged triumphantly.
     During our nose to nose 'post mortem' conversation, we always have a chat about house happenings through the crack under her door when I am in the hall, Harley mentioned that the squirrel flipped her off as he darted out the window. I don't doubt it. It's that kind of attitude that brews my dislike of them.
Two paws up for Harley!!

We love you. That's why we left you cookies in the mailbox.
Your Mom said your "getting a big head".  I think you should.
Nice work.


  1. Good job Harley (we don't really have squirrels problems in England...), hope you enjoyed the cookies :)

  2. WOWZA! Way to go! Just goes to show you that with a good dog on the job - have no fear!

  3. We love the look of your paw. Does it smell as good as ours??

  4. great job Harley! Blossom waves a paw at ya Mr B.

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