Thursday, September 24, 2009

Training People

It takes work. Patience. Diligence.
Every good dog knows how very much it is worth the effort.
 This book was a romping, fun read.

Since I'm in training to become a Reading Buddy I've been doing a lot of reading. I wanted to read aloud, but my tongue is too long and thin for words. So, my work as a Reading Buddy is to listen and be me; bringing calm and interest, being receptive and attentive. There's a lot of tension and suffering around learning to read for kids and adults. Just by being there I make it fun, less daunting and more possible. I bring the magic of learning - curiosity, investigation, practice, joy.


  1. Too cute! If only they could write a book!

  2. How adorable! Your pup resembles a teddy bear :D

  3. Your pup is sooooooo cute...the first time I ever heard of kids reading to dogs I thought it was a fantastic idea...your dog looks like he will be perfect as a Reading Buddy!