Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Dog Psalm #8

Great Spirit:
It is believed, and not just by me, that
my dew claw is a thumb waiting to happen.
I understand I must accomplish my dog life before I return with thumbs.
I must watch and learn.
Love and communicate without speech.
In my next incarnation when I will be a human
please guide me Great Spirit
in transferring my canine-ly, devine
understanding of humanity.
Don't let my thumbs undo me.


  1. Such a cute photo. Thumbs are so overrated when you have character like that!

  2. That is a furry good prayer because it is the human thumb that has caused such chaos in this world.

  3. Thumbs who needs them. I gets into plenty of mischief with 4 thumbless paws, a tongue, fast low to the ground body, and lots of dachshund will power. Cute post though.

    Sasha's doxie prayer.

    Dear God (Which is dog spelled backwards by the way:)

    Please, help me to be a good little wiener dog, and if you can't do that, then at least make me cute enough that I can get away with whatever I do wrong.

    Hugs and doxie kisses,

    So far her prayers seemed to be answered daily. _Sasha's Mommy.

  4. what an adorable pup. soon he shall be able to hitchhike... ;-)

  5. Thanks ya'll!
    Scout 'n Freyja - uh huh! the thumb/chaos connection. There's a lot of dots! People just don't want to see 'em.

    SassySasha - Keep those doggie prayers coming. xox to you too!

    Cindi - I do indeed have hitch hiking aspirations!