Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Being A Greeter

At Plaid Stripe, a delightful store in Wayland Square for dogs and people, I sometimes am lucky enough to work as the store "greeter".  I'm born to the greeting profession. The task of greeting humans and dogs while tiring is endlessly rewarding and valuable beyond monetary compensation.
I'm inspired in my part time role of GREETER by
Eliar Larsen the Laguna Greeter.
The Laguna Greeter stood on California's Pacific Coast Highway for decades and welcomed and waved to people converging at the canyon, the interstate and sea. Mr. Larsen was a large man, who had a long gray beard, longer limbs and huge - nearly always in action -  waving, welcoming hands.  Weather never deterred him. He was a touch stone and apparition of sorts. A miracle of a man. 
I try and emulate the Greeter in my work and life.
Like him, I try and bolster humanity by being consistent:
never aggressive, always inquisitive; bestowing  Hellos.
Even without hands I can demonstrate
happy meetings, heartfelt greetings.
So many of the big lessons in life are mostly little...
Be on the look out.  Opportunities abound to
share your happy self.

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  1. This is a nice post! I just read in an old "Family Fun" magazine last night, a grandfather waves to everybody he passes by, and one time his grandchild had asked him if he knew everybody he waved to. The grandfather replied with "No, but I might someday." Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!