Thursday, September 10, 2009

Magic Happens

The day before Hurricane Bill passed through town we went for an extra long walk.  Once things get torrential I can go days without going outside.  But I love a good pre-storm build up, and want to be out in it. I feel the momentum gathering inside me.  We left a note for who ever made the lovely Tabor Tree garden.  We left it in a zip lock bag, thumb (she did that part) tacked to the stump. 
So it wouldn't be blown or washed away. 
On Sunday, safe inside another bag we found   
How wonderous and wonderful!
How many others recognize?  
How could they not?
The flowers and the vases are changed often.  
It is such a dear and well tended place.  
This white vase is a mug that lost its handle 
and found a new and bigger purpose.
Gladys Potter and her parents are surely marveling at it.
We are.


  1. That is wonderful. It was thoughtful for you to leave a note too!

  2. Great "Tabor Tree" and wonderful note, both left and received!

  3. It is magical when the little things in life are noticed, acted upon and appreciated.