Thursday, September 17, 2009

Turning Pages

Is that a dog in a bubble bath being served a martini?
'HOMOSEXUALITY IN NATURE' is the headline.
Well, I'd better get in there and turn some pages, 
read what it's all about.
Let me break it down and bark it out for you.  
You humans make the world unnecessarily complex.
Love is love. Just live it.
1500 SPECIES of animals exhibit homosexual behavior.
They all get along just fine.  While humans struggle. Go figure.
There was some good stuff inside GET-RI.Com
But the cover photo concerned me. Please remember I'm not your prop, I'm your teacher. Don't I take you out for a walks, and demand indoor ball games when you desperately need them?  Don't I comfort and care? Show you social grace, the ease and grease?  Remind you to revel and relax moment by moment?
I do.  You so know I do.
Don't abuse my amiable nature.
I don't want bubble baths. I do want rain baths.
I don't want martini's. I do want fresh water EVERY day.
(Although I do enjoy coffee so please leave your coffee cup unattended.)
I'd rather play than eat.  Don't cheat me with treats.
I don't want cucumber eye packs. I do want pack walks.
(If your on your cell phone your not really with me.  Kids know this too.)
So dear humans, don't let labels or roles
consume your thoughts, time or hold you back.
Just share your love.
Be real.
That's how we dogs do it, merry and undaunted.
It brings happiness and peace.


  1. Love is all we need. Our pets know that. Why is it so hard for us to figure out?

  2. so very true! Dogs revel in life adn live life in joy, a good lesson for us!

  3. Mr. B--You may not want a bubble bath and a martini. but I sure do! :)


  4. Dogs have it so simple. It must be nice. :)

  5. Sasha, the wiener dog here. Amen to that my furrry friend. These humans make life way too complicated. Seriously, why do we need baths at all. We smell good to other dogs. The whole martini thing. I would prefer a cup of warm chicken broth myself. Humans take a chill pill, sit, stay, and rub my tummy.

  6. Awesome post. Mr. B is sooo cute...oops I mean handsome:)